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Is it posible to call api without index.php?


According to documentation all api endpoints are used {host}/index.php?/api/v2/ in the url.
Maybe, there is some possibility to call api using {host}/api/v2/ (except redirection)?


Hello there,

The TestRail API would require that you call the API endpoints as outlined in our documentation. In this case, {host}/index.php?/api/v2/ .

Hope this helps.


Sorry, but it doesn’t help. Don’t you think that it’s weird to call your endpoints in this way? Such ‘naming’ prevent us from using libraries like Feign ( with your API.



Hi there,

TestRail’s API uses standard formats and are easy to call from any programming language. Additionally, we have not had customers report having any issues with our API. You would need to utilize the TestRail API based on our documentation.


I agree with the other posts here this is absolutely not a standard format. In fact, I have never before seen a web-based API that does not use the standard pattern of key-value pairs. Feign is now pretty much the standard framework for Java (and other JVM languages) for creating web-clients and your API is incompatible with it. Even more flexible client frameworks like Groovy’s RESTClient ( cannot call your API. Sure I could hand craft some old school code to call your APIs, but I interact with tens of cloud APIs on a daily basis and this is absolutely the only one that doesn’t follow the standard pattern. For the record I am a customer and I am reporting an issue with your API.


Hi there,

Thank you for the post and feedback. We are always looking into ways of improving TestRail. While I do not know of any immediate plans to change the way our API works, I can say that we are very much happy to take this feedback into consideration.


So now you have an issue with your API reported by your customers. My company pays you a huge amount of money for the licence and we want to get the appropriate quality for this money.


Hi Denis,

Thank you for the follow up. Our API does contain a large amount of functionality and many of our customers find that it meets their needs very well. That being said, as mentioned before, we are always looking into ways of improving different functional areas of TestRail.