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Is it able to look on test results in JIRA for users without TestRail account?


We have JIRA Server and TestRail Server. Integration is configured.

Could random JIRA user who has no TestRail account view the:
1.Test Results
2. TestRail Dashboard on above panel

And could I configure Test Rail dashboard in JIRA panel somehow?


With 5.0 the TR Dashboard can be used in an iframe:
I assume JIRA has the ability to do this but we don;t use JIRA where I work. Anyone who needs to see this needs a TR license however. Pretty much - if a person needs to see any type of live data from TR (outside of a report sent via email) then they need a license.


I meant few nore things, so I’ try to ask my question with more details:

  1. JIRA user who has no TR account - would they be able to see this section somehow( Or user should be signed in TR account anyway?
  2. And again -JIRA user, that is not signed in to TR - could he access this dashboard - ?

And thanks for Dashboard config guide

  1. My understanding of hat they have said before - anyone who needs to see things in TR needs to have a license. They don’t have to be logged in necessarily (though that may depend on how authentication is done over the network) but they have t have a license.

  2. See #1.