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Is email notification working?


Hi there,

I’m using the trial version of TestRail on my server. Everything is working fine except the “Email Notification”.

Users receive invitation email when I invite them, but the TestRail does not send any email when I assign the test runs, test plan or something like that to users. I tried enable the email notification for every user many time, but it’s still not working.

Is there any solution for this case?

Thank you for your help.

**Note: This feature is working fine on the hosted online trail version.



Thanks for your posting. The issue is likely that you haven’t yet installed/activated the background task. TestRail is queuing emails in the database for performance reasons, and the background task then processes the queue and delivers the emails.

You can easily check the status of the background task by opening the Administration overview/start page. In the Background Task box, next to Installed, does it say “No”? If so, please install/activate the background task as follows:

You might also want to clear the email queue before activating the background task, so that the old emails aren’t all sent at once. You can also clear the queue from the Administration overview page.

I hope this helps. Just let me know if you still have issues with the email notifications.



Hi dgurock,

Thank you for your help, I followed the insctuction and TestRail is working very well now.

Ngoc Vo


Thanks for the feedback! Just let us know if there’s anything else I can help with.

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