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Is a way to use test rail to create test device matrix?


At my company, each test run we complete is related & titled to a particular device & OS. For an example, iPhone 5s using OS 8.4 for one test run. Currently we record each device we test within device matrix spreadsheet, I was wondering if there was a way within Testrail automatically record this to form a device matrix? Once test run is complete (100%), name of the test run is added to list or chart for an example.

Thank you for your time and assistance on this matter, any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.




Hi Chris,

Thanks for your posting. Would this be for executing tests or reviewing and comparing test results? In the latter case, I can recommend the Results > Comparison for Cases report (from the Reports tab) to get a side-by-side comparison across multiple runs:

We can also recommend using configurations to manage multiple devices and you can find an introduction to test plans & configurations here:

I hope this helps!



I think what Chris is referring to is a logical X-Y matrix of all test cases in a project in rows for example and then all configurations (in this case phone model + OS version) in columns, and then a marker indicating which test case has been tested with which configuration.

This would be useful particularly for mobile apps where you don’t always need to test each test case against every device type-OS combo; it gives an overview of ‘coverage’

I’m thinking there should be a report for this.


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I also think so and the report does exactly that :slight_smile: Just with the difference that is shows the status and not just tested/not-tested. The Latest/Coverage column on the right adds an additional element and refers to the most recent test result for a case. If this column is empty, then there’s no test at all across all configurations.



Good day Tobias,

I might be completely missing the boat here but I don’t really understand how that report represents the functional matrix that Andreas was referring to. We are in need of just such a matrix, because our software test suite is quite large, expanding over our whole product range. And as mentioned above, not every test suite will always be applicable in every scenario. Is there any way to create such a matrix?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards