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Invalid HTTP code (404) with JIRA plugin

When we integrate the JIRA with the TestRail, Defect references are added correctly and works well. But when we try to use the references URLs , it is throwing error.

JIRA for defect is linked correctly, hence there is no configuration issue with the integration of JIRA server. It is only having issue with the Stories/task i.e References in TestRail.

TestRail Trace :

at Jira_REST_api->_throw_error (Jira_REST.php:1513)
at Jira_REST_api->_send_request (Jira_REST.php:1444)
at Jira_REST_api->_send_command (Jira_REST.php:1438)
at Jira_REST_api->get_issue (Jira_REST.php:805)
at Jira_REST_defect_plugin->lookup (references.php:62)
at References_controller->ajax_lookup ( <unknown> : <unknown> )
at call_user_func_array (controller.php:257)
at Controller->_invoke_web_call (controller.php:168)
at Controller->_invoke_web (controller.php:120)
at Controller->_invoke (gizmo.php:107)
at require_once (index.php:106)