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Integration with Youtrack


Hi friends need some help trying to add references to ticket it adds everything is configured normally but the status doesn’t updates on the YT ticket with whatever I do in Testrails… 26%20PM


Hi Muzamil,

Thanks for your email! It looks like the integration settings that have been entered are in an invalid format which could be causing the issue you’re experiencing currently.

Can you send an email to with screenshots of your Administration > Integration page (the full page please including the navigation bar above) for both the ‘Defects’ and ‘References’ tabs? This will help us to troubleshoot the issue.

Please also be sure to hide any passwords that may have been entered in the integration settings.

I hope this helps and I look forward to your feedback!


i have the same problem. All settings are like in the tutorials ((


Hi @bon9,

We received your email regarding your error and have sent a reply. We look forward to working with you to resolve this error.



Hi Did you got it resolved.


sure I will send you the screenshots


Yep, Joe helped me. It was needed to write ‘httpS’, but i have written ‘http’ In the settings.