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Integration with OnTime


Hi there,

We’ve taken advantage of the OnTime integration plugin to push defects through to OnTime. However, the workflow isn’t ideal and I was hoping someone could offer some suggestions.

Ideally, we would like to be able to have a tester work through a Test Run, and then a developer should be able to go through the results and assign defect numbers to the test results, or push the defect if one doesn’t already exist. This currently doesn’t seem to be possible, I can’t see any way to assign an existing defect number to an already existing test result - is this intentional?


  • Nick


Hello Nick,

Thanks for your posting. You can edit existing test results and also add existing defects (just add them to the Defects field), it’s just that editing test results is only possible by the user who added the result. This is also limited to 24 hours by default but this can be configured under Administration > Site Settings > User Interface.

If another user wants to add/link a defect, you can simply add another result (with the same status as the previous result) and either use the Push feature to add a new defect or add an existing defect to the Defects field.



Hi Tobias,

Thanks very much. That’s what I suspected, and it’s a usable workaround so that’s fine. Is there any plan in future to be able to assign a defect to an already existing test result recorded by another user?




Hi Nick,

Good to hear that this works for you! Yes, there are plans to look into it and make it possible to change the default behavior. I need to add that this is not a limitation of the results or TestRail but more of a design decision to provide the best possible accountability for results and a result history that keeps track of all changes including the person who made the changes. This is important for many customers and industries and we found that having these features but still being able to override/add additional results or comments is the best of both worlds.