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Integration with Jira - push bug to a particular project and component



the global setting works great with the Defect Add URL set to

but when I configure it to a particular project in Jira which id=10111 as

it still default to my global setting on my other project

Any idea?


Hello Roy,

Thanks for your message. I’m not sure if I fully understand the problem; if you could add a few more details that would be great. TestRail basically does the following when it tries to find the correct defect URLs:

]Is there an Add Defect URL defined for the current TestRail project? If so, use this URL[/]
]If there wasn’t an Add Defect URL defined for the current TestRail project, check if there’s an URL defined under Administration > Site Settings. If so, use this URL[/]
]If there’s neither a project nor global URL defined, don’t show the Add link[/*]

I hope this helps.



Though an old topic I want to comment that it might just have been a bad syntax. In your example above you write


where it should be


See also these links


Thanks for the hint, Paul, that looks better indeed!