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Integration with Jira - adding defects under right user


We started using integration with Jira for creating new defects and see that all new defects are created not by current user but by admin account which was used in TestRail settings.
It makes such integration useless.
Is there a way to create defects under tester’s account?


It can be done by doing the steps documented in


Yes, we recommend using the defect/user variables for this purpose (thanks, Don!) and new JIRA issues would then be created with the correct reporter/in the name of the current TestRail user:



Thanks a lot! This is exactly what we need!


That’s great to hear, Konstantin!



This helped me. I know it is an old post but just thought I should give feedback.
Thanks for providing such easy to follow documentation!
Because of this, we got it working in two minutes.


Hi Jarod,

That’s great to hear and thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: You can now also use the Configure JIRA Integration button on Administration > Integration and this automatically sets up the defect variables etc. for you. The remaining steps are to enter the credentials per user on My Settings (per user).