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Integration with Jankins


We would like to integrate the TestRail with Jankins and pass the Test results to TestRails and update the test cases automatically ?

How can we integrate the Jankins with TestRail? Detailed steps will be help full…

Thanks for your help in advance


Hi Manjunath,

Thanks for your post! We have many customers using TestRail with Jenkins and other continuous integration tools. There are even third-party plugins specifically for Jenkins (e.g. That said, we would highly recommend simply using TestRail’s API to integrate your automated tests directly with TestRail:

This is the easiest and most robust approach. When your automated tests are then triggered by Jenkins or any other way, the results would be submitted to TestRail. This is generally much more flexible than using a specific Jenkins plugin. So we recommend simply integrating TestRail’s API directly with your automated test scripts.

Hope this helps!