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Integration with EurekaLog


Does someone have an example, how SmartInspect interacts with EurakaLog (BDS 2006)?

Thanks, Frank



The standard way of using Eurekalog with SmartInspect is to attach generated SmartInspect log data to Eurekalog error reports in case of an exception (e.g. in the TApplication.OnException event). This can be done either with the normal log file protocol or even better with the new memory protocol which was explicitly designed to integrate with third-party exception reporting tools.

The memory protocol allows you to log SmartInspect log data to memory and to save it to a custom stream or log file on request. We have an example in our manual which explains how to do this. It can be found under “Working with SmartInspect | Connections and Protocols | Memory Protocol”.

You can also contact me via email if you have any further questions.


It works as desired…