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Integration with Axosoft: Invalid HTTP code (404)


We are trying to integrate Testrail with Axosoft.
Are such versions compatible?
If i’m attempting to view a defect/feature, I get the error: “Plugin “OnTime_REST” returned an error: Invalid HTTP code (404). Please check your user/password for OnTime.”

I checked URLs, address, user&password, client_id, client_secret, whether API is enabled on Axosoft side. Everything is correct.

I would appreciate any help!


Hi Olga - TestRail 5.5.1 included updates to the Axosoft plugin to cope with changes to their API.

I’d suggest upgrading your TestRail instance to 5.5.1 and then following the integration instructions here.

You’ll likely want to refer to this thread also, if things no longer work quite the way you expect them to.



Hi Simon,
Thank you for the suggestions!
I will follow them.
Much appreciated.