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Integration with Asana

If any bug is failing in any test run in Asana, I want to create a bug automatically in the respective project of asana. Is there any way to do that?
I am getting an error on Clicking the Push button in defect details

then there might be an error in the push plugin which has to be configured first.

Can anyone tell me that plugin?

Well you have to configure it.
I don’t know what steps are necessary because we don’t use Asana.
Here is a more relevant site for Asana: Tools: Asana - TestRail

Can you please explain more detailed what you want to accoimpish?

Actually i have been using testlodge and whenever i used to perform test run there and any test fails, it used to create the bug on asana in the respective board.
I want a same thing from test Rail. When any test fails it should create a bug with all the information in description.

From my knowlege, the Push-feature from TestRail can only be used to manually create bugs while creating a testresult.
When you are executing tests from testlodge then you will have to create the bug from there and add the id of the bug to a newly created testresult via the API. The method “add_result” of the API of TestRail has to be used in the created code in testlodge to create a testresult: API: Results - TestRail

@Alina Hey Alina, as rightly pointed out by @Jteve_Sobs push feature currently supports only manual creation of bugs. However, let me check if there are any workarounds.


@shanu.mandot what do you mean by Manual creation of bugs? Like we have to go on Asana and create a bug?


Sorry, Alina if my earlier message wasn’t clear enough. I just wanted to confirm what @Jteve_Sobs said about “the Push-feature from TestRail can only be used to manually create bugs while creating a test result.”,

For more details, please check out the detailed documentation of Asana (as mentioned in the above comment by Jteve_Sobs.)

Alternatively, if you want to understand how the push and add defect feature works when a plugin is configured, please feel free to check this out.

This is a video we recently created for the Azure DevOps plugin (having the same push and add defect functionality). We have plans to create more plugin-specific videos in near future.

Hope this helps!