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Integration seleniun test case with testrun in gradle project

Hello i’m new in testrail ,
I have a some selenium automation test case and i want to update testrail test run when i run selenium test case .
How I integrate selenium cest case with test run of testrail by providing case id in @Test annotation of selenium test.

I’m not sure what test framework do you use - it looks like TestNG or JUnit.

Both of them does not have any native support for sending data to TestRail.

If you use TestNG, then you could probably have a look at Agilestware Pangolin ( product which provides a powerful Java annotations package for integrating your tests with TestRail and allows to map tests by id (

In the documentation, only Maven is mentioned, but in case of TestNG, you can also use org.testng.annotations.Listeners annotation to specify Pangolin listener and publisher.

Disclaimer: Agiletestware Pangolin is a commercial software and I’m a developer of it.