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Integration push for JIRA. Set reporter of JIRA ticket from custom field of Test case


Dear TestRail community,

We are starting using TestRail and exploring its features. We have cloud versions of both TestRail and JIRA and we have been able to push and refer tickets in TestRail and see the execution results from JIRA. Great!!.

Now we are looking for a way of fine tuning the reporter field in JIRA tickets, we would like to have this reporter being set from a custom field in each TestRail case. We see that we can link JIRA issue reporters to TestRail users through “user variables” but we would like to have the reported preset in the test case in a field (we have named it QA Agent).

Is this test-case mapping of JIRA issue reporter possible?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Hi Gurock any new on this


Hello Agnelo,

Thanks for your reply! It wouldn’t be possible to add the Reporter field to the push defect dialog as this would conflict with the built-in defect plugin functionality. We would just recommend either configuring user variables so that each JIRA issue is ‘reported’ by the specific tester that pushed the defect, or by configuring a fallback user that would always be used as the reporter for all testers that push defects. You can learn more about user variables and how these work on our website here:

Hope this helps!