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Integration on a per-test plan basis


I’m thinking of buying TestRail and was wondering about the integration.

Would it be possible to integrate with a bug tracker on a per-test plan basis?

We have lots of separate packages which make up a release of our software. So rather than having lots of projects with the same milestone release, we’d have one project with the test plans defining the individual software packages.

I hope this make sense.


Hello Matthew,

Thanks for your message. It is not currently possible to configure the bug tracker integration on a per-plan basis, but I’ve added this as a feature request. Which bug tracker are you using?




Thanks for your response.

We are using Redmine as our bug tracker.



Thanks Matthew. Are you using the same Redmine instance for all projects? If so, the only issue would be the Defect Add URL, as the View URL would be the same across projects. Most defect tracking tools also use the same URL for adding defects across all projects, this is unfortunately not the case for Redmine through (ie. you have to include the project name in the Add Defect URL).

To workaround the problem for the Defect Add URL, you could build a simple HTML page that allows users to choose the project they want to submit the defect to. E.g., instead of entering a project-specific Redmine URL such as

you would link to something like

The HTML page would just include a few links to all your Redmine projects’ New Issue pages. You could even automatically pull all available Redmine projects from the Redmine database, but if your projects don’t change often, this is probably overkill.

I hope this helps! Let me know in case you have any further questions about this.