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Integrating with Jira (feedback for test cases)


In test runs, we have a fine ability to push a defect to Jira.

However, during test case creation, we have internal review process, where reviewers provide feedback items to fresh test cases. It is possible to integrate Test Cases (not runs) with Jira, so similar “push feedback” functionality can be used ?


you mean something like this: Relate Test cases in Testrail to Stories in Jira ?


It looks like References can link to existing Jira issue.

I look forward to a way of adding an item in TestRail, so it appears in Jira board as well. Just like pushing a defect from test run level. But this would be pushing Jira ticket from test suite (case) level.


Hello Pawel,

Yes! You can link test cases to issues as well and this is what the References field is for (you can add multiple issues by comma-separating them). Once you’ve configured the integration with JIRA under Administration > Integration, TestRail will turn the issue IDs into links to the issue pages in JIRA. You can then also hover over the issue IDs and TestRail will show an issue preview directly in TestRail:

(this shows the defects but it’s the same for references)

With our new TestRail for JIRA add-ons, you can also view linked results and cases directly in JIRA and this provides a full two-way integration between JIRA and TestRail:

I hope this helps!



Thanks! references will be sufficient for us!


Great to hear that :slightly_smiling: