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Integrating TR with JIRA


Hello gurock community,

I’m new to TestRail and I’m trying to setup integration of TR (server version) to JIRA defects (test cloud version). I tried to follow instructions I could find via google and youtube but still the integration is not working. Is there a detailed steps or instructions on how to configure the integration of TR with JIRA?

  • What should I put as defect view URL? or should I leave this blank?
  • What should I put as defect Add URL? or should I leave this blank?
  • Should the Project integration and Administration integration have the same defect URL?
  • Plugin, I chose the JIRA cloud, but not working still. What is the right plugin?

Please help.


Have you tried the page below?


Hi BGanger,

Thanks for your suggestion.
Yes, I already done that. And in fact, I redone it again today for the second time. I added the URLs. I regenerated the integration key for TR add-on. Copied and was saved successfully.

However, from TR, if I click the ‘Push’ hyperlink, I got this error message:
Plugin “Jira_REST” returned an error: Could not resolve host:
How can I resolve the host? I googled this error but I got more confused. :frowning:

Then, if I click the ‘Add’ hyperlink, it just take me to my JIRA defect view.
I was expecting a form to create a new defect will pop-up and after saving the new defect will take me back to TR and the defect Id will be populated.

Please help. I got a presentation tomorrow to convince of our project sponsors to buy license of JIRA as our defect management tool.


Yes, even i am seeing the same errors, when i add the defect and click on the ID i got the error message

Error in the JQL Query: The character ‘/’ is a reserved JQL character. You must enclose it in a string or use the escape ‘\u002f’ instead. (line 1, character 16)

Please help me in this.


All I can do is search and post links - my company does not use JIRA integration but the basics of the Could not Resolve error is that the network can’t find the URL - so a DNS issue or mis-configured URL as noted in this thread:

Or this thread:


Hi all,

I have received further support from John Callahan of gurock. These configurations fixed the issues I encountered with defect Push and Add hyperlinks:

  1. View URL should be: https://<>/browse/%id%
  2. Add URL should be: https://<>/secure/CreateIssue!default.jspa
  3. And in the plugin field in the “address” variable, it should be: "address=https://<youraccount.atlassian.ent>/
    (Note: replace the “” as applicable)

Hope this help someone who is having the same issue.
Thank you again for all the support and recommendations.



Sorry I could not help more but glad you got the answers you needed.