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Integrating TestRails with SoapUI & Maven


I am attempting to POST test results to TestRails.

Using test suites and test cases, the tests in question were created using SoapUI. What I currently have will POST directly from SoapUI to TestRails. The company I work for wants to initiate the SoapUI tests using Maven, which is possible with a SoapUI plug-in for the Maven pom file. This part of the process works perfectly.

However, POSTing to the TestRails project only works if I initiate the tests via the SoapUI application. When I run the same tests via Maven, all the test steps complete and are visible in the stack trace, but none of the test case results are sent to TestRails.

What I have done is placed a plug-in in the pom file, which is supposed to connect Maven to TestRails and allow the transfer of the test results, but while there are no errors in the program, no POST is done.



Thanks for your posting! Do you have the option to troubleshoot this by enabling logging or similar? This might make it easier to see if the POST requests are actually sent to TestRail and what TestRail might return as response.



Are you referring to logs for TestRails or Maven? I am not aware of how to get log info from TestRails, but if you can point me to a reference, I’d be glad to try.


Is the non-pro version of SoapUI compatible with updating TestRail or does SoapUI have to be the pro version to work?



I would recommend starting with the Maven logs to see if Maven actually sends requests to TestRail (and if so, to analyze the response returned by TestRail). Regarding SoapUI: as long as the starter SoapUI edition also supports standard HTTP requests and can evaluate the response it should work but I would recommend contacting the SoapUI support for additional details.

I hope this helps!



Discovered that Maven is sending what SoapUI gives it and the non-licensed version of SoapUI is stripping the body of the request. This is creating a bad request and the response I am getting is a 400, for a bad request.

Thanks for pointing me to the response. For some reason i was blanking out on that and as soon as I looked at the response I saw the problem. Appears to be a SoapUI issue.


Great to hear that you found it and that I could help! The body part is strictly required for submitting test results to TestRail as this would contain the result details such as status etc.




Thought I’d post here rather than starting a new as you seem to be on the track that I’m aiming for.

My (companies) end goal is to initiate all tests on a linux vm using maven.
Currently I have used curl to update the test id in TestRail. I’m now trying to recreate this in SoapUI but struggling. Can you offer any guidance on how you achieved this? I keep being presented with the TestRail login page but don’t seem to be able to pass it my auth credentials and open the connection.

Any help is great. Thanks


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your posting. You would usually use TestRail’s API to submit test result and we have ready to use bindings for various programming languages:

Can you let me know which address/page you try to access? You wouldn’t see a login page when you try to integrate with TestRail’s API.