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Integrating testrail with codeception php testing framework


I’m trying to integrate testRail with codeception. I followed for configuring. When trying to run my cest files I’m facing this error as

Client error: GET resulted in a 401 Unauthorized response: {“error”:“Authentication failed: invalid or missing user/password or session cookie.”}

Given user,apikey,url,project details seems fine. Can anyone please explain where am i doing wrong. Thanks.


Hi @geekDroid,

Thanks for your posting. Have you tried the official API binding to see if the API and credentials are working in general? The codeception plugin is from a third party and we don’t have experience with this plugin unfortunately.



Hi @geekDroid,

If you’re still interested, the answer is in your GET request, where you are using wrong URL (not yours). That is the problem of dev branch /bookitcom/codeception-testrail repository.

Try to reinstall the extension not from dev but from dev-master.

In the file Extension.php the function will be look like:

In the dev-branch it’s hardcoded with the URL