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Integrating TestRail as an app with Microsoft teams

Hi all,

what plans are there for provide an app to integrate TestRail within Microsoft teams ? Maybe the ability or discussion has already been covered, in which case can you point me to the relevant topic…

If not, can some one from Gurock let me know what the company’s stand point is ?




Good question. It will be very useful to create MS Teams Group for Teat Plan with channel for each TestRun.

With all people who involved in testing

@a_kolonitsky Thanks for your question. Let me check with the Support Team and get back to you .

@doughtm1966 @a_kolonitsky

Hi Matthew and Alexey,

Thanks for your suggestion. We do have plans to review adding support for integration with several messaging apps and Microsoft Teams is on this list. I have added your vote to this feature request. That said, we don’t have a specific time frame to provide for this yet.