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Integrate Milestones with JIRA Sprints


Would it be possible to obtain a list of JIRA Active sprints into TestRail for the purposes of keeping the team in sync with the devs, and their milestones rather than us having to keep admining this.



Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your post! Currently there isn’t a feature to automatically sync your active sprints from JIRA to TestRail. TestRail projects aren’t always mapped 1:1 with JIRA’s projects (and might also not share the same sprints), so this would be difficult to automatically sync. That said, you could look into doing this outside of TestRail using the JIRA Software API to retrieve your sprints and a script to process this and add these into TestRail using the TestRail API’s add_milestone method:

This would involve quite a bit of development work on your end but it might be something to consider if this is mission critical for your team. We’re also happy to look into this functionality for a future update to TestRail as well. Hope this helps!