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Integrate Jenkins Results with Test Cases

Hi there,

I’m doing R&D to find a tool where in I can post the automated test results in Test case management tool.

Basically, We want to run our automated jobs in Jenkins Everyday on Nightly basis and post the results in Test Rail.

To do this in Test Rail, do I need to create TestRun for the Test Cases every day and pass in the testrunID for each test case . So I can associate the jenkins runID to post my results or I can just use the Static Test case ID to post the results ?

Hi @tester123,

For this, you may use static run_id (Example: R1234) and hard code the case id for each scenario since each test case having their own scenario and log the result for each test case separately under a single run.

One more approach is here, dynamically create a test run_id for each time by using add_run API and get that run_id from your code by using get_run API and update the test case results as I mentioned in the first approach.

For both, you need to use add_result_for_case API to update the result for an individual test result.

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Thanks Karthikeyan for that helpful information!