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Integer of 0


I have a custom field we use to track scenario ids. Our ids can be 0, 1, 2, 3, etc. It seems that when we assign a test case a scenario id of 0, it does not show up in the view of the test case, but when you edit the test case, the 0 is displayed.

I’m assuming your check on whether you should display the field or not may be assuming 0 is the same as blank?


Hello Chris,

Thanks for your posting. Is the scenario custom field a dropdown field? And if so, are the 0, 1, 2, 3 etc. the IDs or the values of this field?

I look forward to your reply.



No, its an Integer field.


I’ve converted it to a string with the same result. If the string has a value of “0” it doesn’t show up on the test case view page.


Hello Chris,

Thanks for the update. I can confirm this behavior and this is a bug. We will make sure to look into it. Would it be possible to append an additional character to the 0 (such as a dot) as a workaround in the meantime?



We found this early enough in our planning, that we’re just going to start our numbering from 1.

Thanks for confirming this small issue.


Thanks for the update, Chris. Yes, this would be the best solution, of course. We will make sure to look into it and will include a bug fix in a future version.

Have a good weekend.