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Instructions for fixing custom reports after 4.0 upgrade


I noticed all the configuration pages for our custom reports broke with 4.0. I then noticed on the tutorial (, there is now a different sample for 3.0 vs. 4.0.

Can you please provide instructions for upgrading custom reports from 3.0 to 4.0 so they’ll work properly again? I’d rather not go through every line of sample code to see what changed (and probably still miss details).

Also, in the future can you please warn when backwards compatibility will be broken before we upgrade? I don’t see any notes about this in the blog post or release forum announcement. The UI scripts are understandable since they aren’t really supported. But the official custom reports example should have been supported.



Hello Logan,

Thanks for your posting. The only thing that has changed (slightly) is the markup for the report forms, specifically the tab control (.tabs) and the form controls. The tabs were changed to:


<?= lang('reports_tpr_form_details') ?>

<?= lang('reports_tpr_form_runs') ?>


And the form controls are now specified with a list of

instead of a
    . The usage has already changed slightly. Please see the following example:


    <?= lang('reports_tpr_form_details_include') ?>

    <?= lang('reports_tpr_form_details_include_types') ?> />

    Please review the form.php of the custom report example or template for details. The report controls that ship with TestRail (e.g. run or suite selection) don’t require any changes and automatically use the new markup.

    I hope this helps and we are happy to help in case you have any further questions.



Regarding the breaking changes: yes, we will make sure to include a warning for similar changes with future version announcements. That said, changes like this are very rare for TestRail and TestRail 4.0 is the first version that had breaking changes (e.g. dropping support for IE7/8; we included a note in the announcement for this) or the (minor) changes for the report forms.