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Installing SmartInspect in a locked-down environment



We just bought a 5-user license pack, and I am having some problems installing SI. :frowning:

Our development team uses the Delphi 2010 IDE. Each of the developers in our team has a non-administrator account and an administrator account. Our IDE’s are only installed on the non-administrator accounts. These are the accounts that we use for development.

The SI installer requires administrator privileges, so we have to install SI under our administrator accounts. Unfortunately this means that the SI installer fails to detect our IDEs and we do not get an option for SI IDE integration. We would very much like to have IDE integration, and in fact, the IDE integration feature was an important driver in our buy decision.

Please advise how I can manually achieve IDE integration for Delphi 2010? (What registry keys to set etc.)

Sean B. Durkin
Senior Software Engineer @ MLC (a subsidiary of NAB)


Hello Sean,

Thanks for your posting and your order. I’m sorry to hear that you have problems getting the integration working.

The manual integration is documented in SmartInspect’s online help. Just press F1 in the Console, then go to Installation | Integrating SmartInspect into IDEs. There’s also a separate section for the EnterMethod/LeaveMethod Delphi plugin under Additional Tools | SmartInspect IDE Plugins.

I hope this helps and just let me know in case you have any further questions.