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Installation wizard error - Could not connect to the specified database: permission denied

Working on a new 5.7 install and it’s failing. I’m getting to the Database Settings of the Installation Wizard and it’s failing with the error:

Could not connect to the specified database: permission denied

When I connect to the host where I’m installing testrail, I am able to successfully connect and see the database from the command line. So I know it’s not a networking or login issue for the database. I was successfully able to perform the instructions to create a testrail blank database from the install instructions too.

Any ideas on what it could be? Is there a way to get a debug log for what the installation wizard is trying to do and failing on?

I had the same problem and it turns out it was selinux on the webserver. I set it to permissive and was able to connect.

Hi Scott,

The exact error would depend on your specific setup. For example, what Luke has describe is common if hosting from CentOS or RHEL. Another issue we’ve seen is trying to connect a Linux webhost to a SQL Server database.

Additionally this error message suggests to me that the database address is correct and reachable. However the username and password should be double checked for accuracy.