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Install TestRail on separate hard disks



From a post in the forum I know that attachments are stored in the file system.
I couldn’t find the answer to my question whether it is possible to install TestRail on one hard disk and have data that is attached to tickets being stored on another? In other words, is it possible to set the path of attachments?
Please note, that we want to use the attachment feature and don’t want to add a URL inside a text field of the test case

Thanks in anticipation

PS: I havn’t had the possibility to run through the installation wizard. Possibly it’s an option there. Sorry in this case for wasting your time.


Administration --> Application - you cna set the Attachment Directory and the Report Directory.

I am going to go out on a limb and say it can be a UNC path - so a network drive should work. This is a hypothesis on my part so confirmation would be needed.


Thanks BGanger. For us, local paths will be fine.

Just wanted to try UNC paths and post the response here.
Unfortunately I don’t see Administration -> Application.
Most probably the FreeTrial on the cloud doesn’t contain this section.


Hi Jens,

Yes, as Brian mentioned (thanks!) you can control the paths in TestRail’s administration area on Administration > Site Settings > Application. This is only available with TestRail Server as attachments and reports are automatically handled on TestRail Cloud and there’s no need to configure anything.

I hope this helps!