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Inline code and code block


Are you planning to add the missing Markdown formatting for the code:

  1. 3 backticks ``` to mark a code block
  2. Gray background for inline code and code block (it was discussed in Markdown code span misses the grey box too)

Markdown code span misses the grey box

Hi DKim,

Thanks for your feedback. Happy to look both of them and I just added another vote, thanks!



Hi Tobias,

Just curious, where you added this “another vote”?
Do you have some “wishes tracking system”?
May I have to have access to this system?



Their list is internal.


In my opinion, this list should be public and some amount of votes should be provided for each forum user to vote for the feature requests.


I have been in IT for 20+ years - no company I have ever worked for or any software I own, makes a list like that public. It leads to more problems than it solves.


Here are some examples:

In my opinion, if voting mechanism will correct some priorities and the most wanted features will be released sooner, why to not use it.


Speaking of my own personal experience (DISCLAIMER - I DO NOT REPRESENT OR WORK FOR Gurock in any way) - it leads to people complaining about the votes and why things are not released with no regard for how difficult it is to actually do. It leads to false expectations - X has more votes - therefore it will be in the next release and the like). Arguments over why things are not being done etc…

While I have not worked for a company that does this (I never said no company does it) I have been involved in forums for an online game or 2 where they let feedback like this to be public and it caused many, many issues the forum managers.


I see, thanks for your reply, but it will be nice to have the mentioned functionality ASAP.


Hi DKim,

Our feature request and todo list is only an internal list. You can also get a good overview of pending feature requests and their popularity by taking a look at this forum. We cannot implement every feature (as some features are not generic enough) but really appreciate feedback of any form and most features we add are in fact based on customer feedback and feature requests.



The company I work for could really use the ability to use the three backticks to mark large code blocks. Putting 4 spaces at the head of each line becomes burdensome when the block is 20 or more lines long. Please add my vote to the list.

As an aside, my company (and others) do use public voting in discussion forums. We don’t make our internal bug / feature tracker public. We do allow users to make suggestions and add votes to suggestions on the public feature request forums. It allows us to better keep an eye on the features that more of our users want.


Hi Tracey,

Thank you for your post and suggestions. I will add your vote for this feature and bring it up to our team regarding the possibility of public voting.