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Initial test case creation from given JUnit tests via Jenkins plugin


we are currently evaluating test management tools.
We do currently have many JUnit tests for system-level end-to-end-testing e.g. using Selenium or WebService APIs. Furthermore, we have test plans for manual testings.
We want to create Requirements in the test management tool and link them with the tests.

Our idea is currently to run the JUnit tests in Jenkins and use the Jenkins plugin to push results to TestRail.

If we do so, does TestRail automatically create a TestCase for each Unit Test? Or do we have to create a Test Case for each Unit Test manually?

Or is there a tool that scans a git URL for Unit Tests and creates TestCases for each UnitTest found?

What is the preferred way to do this?

Thanks in advance for any hints on this.




good point. I would also like to know this!

Regards and happy testing!


I know of no way for TR to automatically create test cases.