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Individual Project Admin Privileges


Good Day!

I was the instigator here at my employer for bringing TestRail to our institution. I, as well as everyone I have spoken to are very satisfied with the detail and usability of the product.

Unfortunately we have encountered a small deficiency for our use case. We have a matrix organization which has many different players in charge of their task. TestRail is installed as a tool-set that spans the whole institutional organization.

There does not seem to be a way to allow an individual to have ADMIN privileges for their assigned projects. The only ADMIN is Global.

Is there any way to set up each project so that a single or multiple team members in a group can be granted ADMIN privileges for their assigned project?

This is becoming a very labor intensive issue, as the tool maintenance folks have numerous tools to manage and do not have the staff to handle the numerous requests on a daily basis to provide tweaks to a specific project.

If this is not a current capability, can you please consider implementing some sort of by project or group (e.g. LDAP) that can allow individual control of their assigned projects?

The alternative may be we are forced to explore other products due to the overhead this is causing us and I’m not too fond of that scenario as I really enjoy TestRail and all of its features.


Best regards,

Dan Kiewicz


Hello there,

Thank you for your post. As you have found TestRail does in fact allow you to set global administrators. Currently TestRail does not allow project specific administrators. That being said, this is a feature that we would like to implement in a future release of TestRail. I would recommend keeping your eye on our blog for new release information:


Marty, thanks for the response.

I have been watching and this feature has “been on the list” since 2011. There have been numerous requests for this functionality.

Is it really going to be implemented soon? If not, no worries as we’ve just started using TestRail, we can find an alternative.

That single feature is causing more consternation than you can imagine. We unfortunately work for the government and as such, we work with very frugal budgets and cannot afford the overhead of managing such a large user community.

Please consider this in the next Sprint or very soon as this is a make it or break it for us.


Dan …


Hey Danny,

Thank you for the follow up post and additional feedback. We understand the need for this type of permission management within TestRail and we are working hard to implement these types of features in our next release. I will definitely reach out to our development team and let them know that this is still very much a highly requested feature by our customers.


Thanks Marty, we are waiting with bated breath. :wink:



Thanks Dan! We are working hard on this.


Good Morning,

I too work for a large organisation and not having a project admin role is on the verge of leaving us no other alternative but to revert to another solution.

It does seem like this has been requested by a lot of users and for a long time, but promises to implement with no result. Its such a shame if we do have to find another solution because test rail is a great product that the users love, but the admin overhead is too much.

Can I ask what the thinking is behind only allowing Global admins to make project changes is? Having used the rational suite and the Atlassian toolset at great length I can’t say I’ve come across this model before




Thanks for your feedback! Currently only global administrators can make such changes even on the project level and we recommend having multiple global admins to help with managing the project administration as well. This was implemented to keep the permissions simple as we know many tools e.g. such as JIRA sometimes require very complex permission schemes etc that become difficult to manage as well. That said, we do still have plans to look into adding some additional permission granularity (including project-specific administration). We can’t provide any timeframes/ETA for this just yet, however I’ve added this your vote to this request and we appreciate your feedback.