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Incorrect stats - Test Run Overview

Since this morning, something has happened to my Test Run Overview page. Specifically the charts that show what percentage is passed, failed, untested etc.


Suddenly, it says I have 37 passed, 13 not required and 50 untested. When actually, all have been tested and 50 is the total number of cases in the suite/run, so this is massively skewing the stats on this page? But, the stats are showing correctly when you go into the Test Run.

Has anyone else had this issue? Again, the stats were fine this morning so it’s only this afternoon the issue has arisen.


We have the same issue. All passed tests are being listed as untested. Skews all of our results.

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We also have same issue reported. My team has been scratching their heads, wondering why they all of a sudden have lower completion status.

Hope this can be fixed asap!

We are having the same problem. Was OK before lunch - noticed problem before 3pm

Test Run Overview incorrect
Individual Test Run OK
The only overview entry that still shows correct @ 100% is a Test Plan, the others are Test Runs.

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I have reported directly to TestRail support, as I know they are not always monitoring the forum. Suggest everyone else do the same.


Yep, we are seeing the same issue with incorrect reporting. I will contact support as well.

Nice to know it’s not just me experiencing this. I’ve just submitted the Support form to TestRail directly too, so hopefully it’s fixed soon!

Thanks everyone for flagging this issue. We’re looking into it…

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Is this still an issue?

Welcome to the forums…

The last Test Rail update to the product was 6 days ago and this was made afterward that release so yes it is still an issue…

There will be an announcement here: when a new update is released…

We are also facing this issue. It would be super nice to get it fixed. It looks like it counts in the test cases from the test suite, which were not selected in the run, so the stats look too bad when you are not inside the run itself.

Hey Antonina,

Welcome to the TestRail Community !

I totally understand the inconvenience, incorrect stats is causing to the customers. Our team is working on its fix to be released to all the customers as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for more updates on this issue !


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