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Incorrect icon for attached pictures


We have attached pictures to some of test cases, but icons are displayed incorrectly:

(when I click on icon it opens correctly)



Thanks for the feedback! The small image that usually gets displayed next to the attachment is not a preview of the uploaded file but just an icon for the file type. Could you right-click on the image that is not displayed (i.e. the missing image symbol) and select View Image or similar to see what exact error is displayed when you try to see the icon? Is this a TestRail server or TestRail Hosted account? If it’s a server, your administrator might not have copied all TestRail files correctly or there might be a permission issue on your server.


I am using hosted TestRail. But today icons are displayed correctly - strange.


Thanks for the confirmation that it’s working again. Static resources such as these icons are hosted on a separate content delivery network (CDN) for better performance and there could have been just a small routing issue between your network and the closest CDN server. Glad to hear that it’s working again!