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Including Test Result comments in a report


Is it possible to include the Test Result “Comments” in a report and not just the status?


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your post! You may want to look into the print report options throughout TestRail as these provide a bit more details such as comments and field data. If you click on the printer icon at the top of a milestone/run/plan, and then choose the ‘Details’ option in the dropdown menu in the top left of the print dialog, you will be able to include all test fields and data (including comments and result statuses). You can then just use your browser’s print to PDF option to generate the report in PDF format. Hope this helps!



Using the details of the print report option gives me everything. I want to be able to see the comments for TCs which have not passed and I don’t want to see any of the steps or expected results. As an example, it would be good to see ID, Title, Status, Defects, Comments for a test run. Does TestRail provide the ability to do something like this? Or is the only way to see comments is when everything else is included too?


Thank tgwke for this request. I’d like to have that exact same example report. Well, is it possible?