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Inactivate user but deleting a project?



From another discussion I learned that the reason for not be able to delete a user is because the lost of traceability of his/her test record.

Why is then the deletion of a project supported ? Would be the some discussion that you would loose all tracks of results - what about users that had test activities in those projects etc ?

I can’t see right now, why one deletion is supported, the other though not ? I would have assumed that for the sake of a complete traceability we only can complete/inactive things, not delete them.


In my opinion everything should be deletable.
Especially the users should be deletable, because after a long time you will have more users set to “inactive”, than real active users.
You should be able to delete the user and still keep all results of him, just add an info, that this user was deleted.


Hello @bygones and @Daniel,

Thanks for the feedback! As you can see, opinions differ very much regarding features between different customers, so it’s always a challenge to design TestRail for the many teams that use it. :slight_smile: I’m happy to explain why TestRail works like this:

  • Deactivating users: deactivating users is pretty much like deleting users in pretty much all aspects (they can’t login anymore, aren’t counted for licensing etc.). But if we completely deleted a user, the related data would be gone and this would be very problematic, as this would lead to inconsistent results within test runs etc. Please note that most applications handle it like this, as not deleting users doesn’t have any drawbacks. It’s just that TestRail also allows you to enable deactivated users later if needed, as this can be very helpful for teams as this makes our licensing much more flexible.
  • Projects: TestRail administrators can also delete entire projects (not regular users though!). If TestRail didn’t allow you to delete projects, you wouldn’t be able to get rid of demo projects your team set up initially etc. There’s a big difference between deleting an entire project or potentially deleting single results (which isn’t possible): it’s clear and obvious if an entire project was deleted. It’s not obvious if individual results were deleted. For us it’s important that the result history and entered data is consistent and cannot be changed. But at the same time teams often need to have to have the ability to delete old projects they don’t need anymore.

I hope this helps!


what about users that have no test activities ? Maybe a user have been created, but it turned out that this user is not actually using TestRail for what ever reason.

You mentioned projects to be deletable because of possible demo projects or test projects etc. Could this not be the case for users also ?

I’m sure this is not a big of an issue for users, but still I would like to see the possibilities to delete users, that have no activity at all ?!


You can set a user to inactive and this has the same effects as deleting a user (user wouldn’t count against the license limit/subscription, he/she can no longer be selected in user dropdowns, user cannot log in anymore, etc.). You can also hide inactive users on the Administration > Users & Roles page in the sidebar. We are also happy to look into support for deleting users with no activity, thanks for the suggestion!