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In Push Defect Dialog box,JIRA disabled values are populating in dropdown for custom field "Severity"


HI Team,

We have integrated JIRA and TestRail and I want to add custom field “Severity” in the push defect dialog box.
issue is in JIRA for severity field few values like ‘unreveiwed’.‘blocker’ are disabled.
but when we push defect thought push dialog box, these disabled values are also populating in drop down in TestRail.
Please advise how we can avoid populating these disabled values in TestRail?


Hi Deepika,

Thanks for your post! TestRail would display the field values as provided by the field configuration scheme per project in JIRA. It’s possible that the values are enabled on some projects and not on others, which would cause the values to be displayed when another project is selected in the push dialog if a user has access to multiple projects in JIRA. If the field is just disabled in JIRA on all projects then I would just recommend removing the field entirely as opposed to just disabling them, as this would clear any conflicts. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,
We cant remove the disabled values in JIRA as few projects used these values earlier but currently they are not in use.
Please provide if any alternate workaround.



Hi Deepika,

Thanks for your reply! TestRail would just use the field options as configured in JIRA, and so as this field has these values available in some projects still then this is likely why they are also listed and available in the field options. There wouldn’t be another way to work around this with the integration settings as these values would be provided directly from JIRA. As an alternative, you can look into using a UI script to exclude these value options in the ‘Push Defect’ dialog, although we haven’t tested this type of UI script specifically and wouldn’t have any examples of this type of script to provide. You can learn more about UI scripts in general on our website here:

Hope this helps!