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In columns we cannot select Comments while viewing any test suite


While we open any testsuite a test case might have a comment to it.
It will be better if we have the comments on the front because there might be cases that we have comments for every testcase so this will cause opening the whole testcase in another tab or selecting it in tab view.

Please give us a solution to this or provide this feature


Hi Nealword,

Thanks for your post! We would recommend using TestRail’s FastTrack three pane view feature, as this allows you to view full test and test case details directly within the test suite and test run view pages without having to open them in a separate tab:

You can also learn more about how this works and view a video of this in action on our website here:

Hope this helps!



We are already aware of this Fast track pan view. Sadly this does not fit the purpose we are looking for.
We would like to see comments Column in the Suite view. This only one thing is stopping us from using Testrail for the projects needs.

But We love testrail a lot hence we would like you to provide us UI script solution for it if possible.