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Improvements and suggestions



I want you to improve behavior of adding test runs, reassigning multiple test cases and other things.

Firstly, when I am creating new test runs, I have to assign all test cases to myself and then re-assign each test case to other testers, because there is no options to choose multiple testers. What I suggest to improve:

  • add possibility to assign test runs to multiple tester (Test Cases from 0 to 100 to User1, TC 101-200 to User2 etc)
  • add possibility to select multiple test cases and assign them to any user (at the moment user is able to select multiple test cases or sections, but only one test case could be reassigned)

In addition, I did not understand how to see the “report”, where I can find how much time was taken to complete “Test Run #1”, e.g. All test cases has the time, which was elapsed to complete this task, but test run does not have any counter, which calculates all the time, which was elapsed to complete this test run

One more thing, which was already discussed on this forum. I am always dumped back to the top section of compact view after editing a test case? It should return me back to my current section.

And finally, add possibility to see comments to the bug, which was pushed to Bugzilla. I have made an illustration for you:

Best regards,


Hello Jevgeni,

Thanks for your posting. You can simply use the mass-assign functionality after creating the test runs to assign your tests to multiple users. To do so, please check the check boxes next to the test runs and use the Assign To button at the bottom of the test run page.

Elapsed: the total elapsed for test runs/plans/milestones (as well as forecast/estimate) is displayed on the Progress page (in the sidebar menu on the run/plan/milestone pages).

Sections: we recommend opening test cases in a new browser tab to keep your current position and section in the test suite (or test run) and closing this tab after you’ve added/edited the test case. It is already planned to improve the browser-back behavior and we would like to add this as part of a larger UI update.

Bugzilla: It is already possible to customize the behavior of the Bugzilla functionality (defect plugin customizations) and you can learn more about this on the following pages:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any questions about any of these points or in case anything is unclear.



Hello Tobias,

Thank you for your help with assigning multiple test cases, that’s really helped me.
And of course I have some more questions.

  1. I have read all tutorials about custom defect plugins etc, but all of them are written about Jira. We are using BugZilla and, unfortunately, our team do not have any PHP developer, who can help me to configure custom fields to TestRail push system. Can you help me to add reading\adding comments fields to the bugs, which were pushed to BugZilla via TestRail?

  1. You said, that you are planning to release large UI update and I already heard this before, while reading this forum. Unfortunately, you did not said when this UI update will be released. Could you tell us please any deadlines like this month\two month or half a year?

Thank you in an advance

Best regards,


Hello Jevgeni,

Thanks for the additional details. We don’t currently have an estimate for the larger UI update and we usually don’t provide estimates in advance (because things can change). That said, the UI update (and the features that come with it) have a higher priority and we would like to into this for one of the next larger updates.

Regarding Bugzilla: you don’t necessarily need a person with PHP experience and experience with any scripting language would be fine (PHP is a very simple language). You would basically need to customize the “lookup” method of the Bugzilla defect plugin class and add the additional details (comments) to the “description” entry of the return value. You would probably need to read the comments with an additional API call from Bugzilla. You can alternatively always open the defect in Bugzilla if you need more details about a particular bug.