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Improvement suggestion when copying test cases



I have a suggestion for an improvement in testrail which deals with copying test cases.

I currently have two templates where I organise all my test cases, a regression test template and a smoke test template. My smoke test template is custom-made from the regression test template, i.e. only chosing specific test cases that I want to run.

Since I am constantly adding new test cases to the regression test template, on occasion there are test cases which I would like to add to the smoke test template as well. What I do then is copy these test cases from regression test template to smoke test template. I choose the option “Also copy/move sections + all parents” and then click on “Copy”.

What happens next is that these test cases are added to the end of the list(at the bottom of the page) with parents and section names which I already have. Since I have structured both templates identically I now get double names for parents and sections.

My suggestion is that TestRail should identify that you already have the parent + subsection and asks you whether you would like to copy your test cases to the existing structure or you would like to create a new one.

This would greatly simply the task of copying test cases in the future for me.