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Improvement Request: Be able to add multiple copies of a test suite with attributes


Current flow:

Select the Tab “Test Runs & Results”

Select “Add Test Suite” > Land on the “Add Test Suite” pop-up

Add the test suite then select cases you want to run > choose filters and then repeat…

Nice to have:

It would be helpful, on the Add Test Suite pop-up, if you could add a few more options besides the “Test Suite” selection.

The additions to this pop-up I would like to see are:

  1. Copies: For creating multiple copies of the same test suite you’ve selected - 1 would be the default

  2. Select Cases link: This would allow me to pre define the filter I would like to use on the copies of my test suites

So if you were creating 10 copies of the same test suite and only wanted to show the P1 test cases, or anything else from the selection filter, you could do it all from the one menu.


Hi William,

Thank you for the post and information. Typically you would not need to create duplicates of a test suite in the way you are suggesting. This is why TestRail allows you to create test suites on a one at a time basis. Creating additional test suites only takes a few clicks, so you could easily create the additional test suites.

You could also look into automating this behavior with the TestRail API. Using the API you could submit requests to TestRail to create test suites in the amount you need.