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Importing test steps in specific format


I have test steps in a specific format in my .csv sheet. For each row under the Testing Steps column, all the steps for each test case is in one row, not on its own row like in some of the examples.

I am having trouble modifying the custom_filter.php to correctly read this format and import it into TestRail correctly.

Can anybody help me with this?


How can I delete a test suite? I know we can delete a test suite in a test plan. But I want to delete permanent a test suite under Test Suites & cases tab. Since some test suite not use anymore. I want to clean it up.


Hello jvu, Eric,

Thanks for your postings (I’ve moved this topic to the TestRail forum).

Regarding the import: you would need to modify the import script to use your single steps cell in this case. For example, if every step is on different line in the CSV cell (not row), you can split your steps by line and then convert this to TestRail’s expected step import format (please see the “steps” example as a starting point):

Regarding deleting a test suite: you can delete a test suite on the edit pages. Just click the Edit button on the test suite page and you should see a red delete link in the sidebar on the right. If you don’t see this link, your user account doesn’t have the permissions to delete a test suite and you would need to contact your administrator. Please note that deleting a test suite also deletes all active test runs of this test suite (you might want to look into closing your active test runs first):

I hope this helps!



When I exported a test case with steps from TestRails into both .xml and .csv, the format of the steps are all in one cell.

I also used imported the .csv and .xml from the steps examples folder into TestRail and it did not import everything correctly. The example steps in the .csv file did not even show up in TestRail.


Hello jvu,

When you export a test case with separate steps to an XML file, then the steps are exported in structured XML tags as you would expect. For CSV files you are correct that the steps are export in JSON format in a single field. We actually have plans to (hopefully soon) change this so the CSV export would also include this in separate rows.

Regarding the import: please note that this also depends on the correct configuration of your fields in TestRail. It’s best to email us a screenshot of your field configuration and the XML file you tried to import so we can explain what went wrong.