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Importing test results from Selenium IDE into TestRail


I have started looking at Automated web testing and I am currently using Selenium IDE. I have used the GUI interface to record my tests and also use to run the tests. This side of my testing is all good and working. What would now be nice would be to have the test cases in the IDE report the results into TestRail. I have no idea on how to do this so any help would be greatly appreciated. We use TestRail for all our testing so for the web browser test we would like to automate which would then free us up more for the more manual tests. Thank you


Hi Leigh,

Thanks for your posting. You can use TestRail’s API to integrate with test automation tools, including Selenium:

The basic idea is to use one of our official API bindings (available for various programming languages) and then submit test results to TestRail via the API. There’s a good introduction to TestRail and Selenium on Stackoverflow that should be a good starting point:

I hope this helps!