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Importing test cases from Seapine TestTrack that already exports to XML?



I just started evaluating TestRail and I’m looking for a way to import our test cases that we currently have in Seapine TestTrack. Seapine allows an export of these test cases to XML, but since this XML isn’t in the same format that TestRail is looking for, I can’t import these just yet. What’s the best option for doing this?



Hello Bryan,

Thanks for your posting! We recommend the CSV import to migrate test cases from other systems:

The CSV import was specifically designed for this and most tools support a CSV and/or Excel support you can use for this. For example, for TestTrack I found the following KB article which looks like a good starting point:

Once you have an Excel file, you can simply save this to a CSV file in Excel and then import this directly using TestRail’s CSV import wizard:

I hope this helps but please let me know in case you have any further questions.



Hi Tobias,

Thanks for the reply! We are using the cloud version of Seapine, so it looks like the ODBC connection isn’t supported unless you have a locally installed instance. The only other export option they allow right now is to a text file. We will probably need someone (developer) here to look at how difficult it will be to format these files so that the CVS import can migrate our test cases.

I might reach out to you when when look into this a little more.



Thanks, Bryan! Yes, just let me know in case there’s anything we can help with from our side.