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Importing test cases from CSV file always create new sections/subsections


This is my first time trying to import test cases from CSV so this might be my mistake. I followed exactly the instructions from but after the import, my test cases always go into new sections/sub-sections with the exact same name with existing sections/subsections that I had created before.

Can someone please help??? Please see my video below for more details.



Did you complete the mapping from Section to Section and is each one exactly the same string as in TestRail?


Hi, yes I did complete the mapping from Section to Section and make sure that the names of the sections are exactly the same string as in TestRail. Still the import created new sections instead of put the test cases in to the existing ones.


After testing imports via XML and CSV in various combinations, you cannot merge tests cases into existing sub-sections. New section hierarchies are created each time containing your original tests.


@crazycabo350, oh so you are saying it’s not possible now to import new test cases into existing folders/sub-folders? That would be super disappointing :sad:


Well, I have used TestRail with various clients for a few years now, but never had to import cases. I always pushed them to start with TestRail and their documentation usually consisted of static text documents.

It appears importing into existing sub-sections is not possible. Has this been successful for you in the past? I cannot find documentation dictating the behavior you are expecting.


@crazycabo350 Unfortunately this was my first time trying to import test cases. I’m surprised it’s not supposed to work that way :disappointed:

Just out of curiosity, if you never had to import test cases, how did you maintain/update existing test cases?