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Importing test cases as separated steps causing steps to begin to "1. "


We are starting to import old test cases into the system and their execution steps are number such that each step is in an individual cell like the following:

  1. This is step one.
  2. This is step two.
  3. This is step three.

When importing to TestRail each step is Separated but the numbers are all being changed to 1. so that it looks like the following:

  1. This is step one.
  2. This is step two.
  3. This is step three.

Is there a workaround to this other than manually editing the steps to remove the numbers?


Hi Jordan,

Thank you for the post. When you are running the import, are you selected the Test Case (Steps) template? This would have you define how the importer chooses to move onto a new test case and would appropriately number your test steps


Hi Marty,
thanks for the quick reply. We are using the Test Case (Steps) template when importing. The first picture is what we are getting when we import when the original excel files look like the second picture.


Hello Jordan,

Thanks for your reply! The separate steps test case template would already provide numbers for your test case steps, so you wouldn’t need to number these manually or in the cell field. The reason your numbers are being converted is due to the Markdown formatting syntax which is enabled in this field. Markdown would automatically detect the numbering format in the list and number these for you, and as it’s the first number in each field it will display the number 1. each time. You can learn more about how Markdown works here:

We would simply recommend removing these numbers as TestRail would already number your steps for you. You can also try changing the format of the cell (e.g. if you indent 4 spaces before each number then Markdown would add this as a code block and include the numbers as you’ve specified). Hope this helps!