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Importing References for TestCases



I’m presently working on importing test cases to TestRail using the API. In the TestCase fields, there is an attribute called ‘References’. Isn’t it possible to import ‘References’ values using the API?

Also, do References here mean Defects (Bugs)?



References is on the test case and can be just about anything that would have meaning to you at the test case level and generally entered when the test case is created. The Defect would generally be the Bug ID since it is active on the Test Result screen.


Hi Sanath,

Thanks for your posting. The API does support references and the API field is called refs:

You can add multiple references by separating them by comma: TR-1, TR-2

Defects on the result level can be submitted via the defects field:



Ah awesome, thank you!


Ah, thanks Tobias! Found it.


You are welcome, Sanath :slight_smile: