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Importing from Atlassian JIRA via .xml file


Hi there

I am using TestRail for the first time at my place of work.

There is a developer story in JIRA that I wish to import into TestRail so that I can attach test cases to it that I will write in TestRail.

I exported the .xml from JIRA and tried to import it into TestRail but got this error:

No tag found in

Now I understand that the xml needs to be of a correct format to work in TestRail - but what I want to know is do I have to manually change each xml file that I export from JIRA to fit the format that TestRail can accept?

This seems a rather tedious task for every story (as there will be many)…



Hello David,

Thanks for your posting. I would recommend using JIRA’s Excel export and then converting this to TestRail’s import format with our csv2testrail tool:

It’s usually needed to customize the script’s filter routine to adjust it to your particular CSV / Excel file layout (as different teams use different columns/rows for the data). The above mentioned page as well as the download contains examples for this. After converting the test cases you can import them on the test suite page.

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions.



hi there - thanks for the reply.

Jira only seems to be able to export search results to excel - not actual story tickets - the story ticket can only be exported to xml/word or printable formats?

what I want is a specific story with details such as type/priority/status/resolution/acceptance criteria - is it possible to go from xml to excel then use the tool?



Hello David,

I think it would be best to contact the JIRA/Atlassian support for check if JIRA has a direct CSV/Excel export as JIRA -> CSV/Excel -> TestRail would be the easiest option. That said, most customers use TestRail and JIRA side by side and keep their feature requests/requirements/stories in JIRA and then just link to those items from TestRail. Have you already looked into the integration features between TestRail and JIRA? I would recommend watching the following training video as an introduction: