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Importing CSV to TestRail


Hi TestRail Community,

I have 2 issues while importing CSV file test cases to TestRail.

  1. I got a field for Tester which I want to mapped to Assigned To column. I created a custom field ‘tester’; it got imported but I don’t see the test case being assigned to anyone.
    How can I automatically assign a test case to a tester during import.

  2. How can I show the custom columns in the Test Cases view?
    I wanted to add the ‘tester’ (or Assigned To) in the view but it is not available in the Add Column dropdown list. I can see the other custom fields I created but not the ‘tester’ field.

Please help.

  1. See the asnwer for #2.

  2. Test cases in the Test Cases view are never assigned to anyone. They are the repository for cases that can be added to a Test Run/Plan. When a Test Run is created and the Test Cases are chosen - a copy of the Test Case is created and assigned a new ID. It is the copy in the Test Run that is assigned.


Thanks for your reply, BGanger.
Does that mean I could not assign a test case during initial importation of test cases?
Or is there a way to do this via scripting?
I guess my next question is, how could I assign test cases in bulk to our testers? Is it manual selection of each row in the Test Run view and clicking the Assign to button?


Assigning cases is not done when cases are being created or imported into Test Rail. They are assigned when cases are added to a Test Run. When the cases are added to a test run - a copy of the test case is created and it is this test case copy that gets assigned to a user or users for testing.


I’m just a bit confused, BGanger. If a copy of my test cases is reflected in the Test Run view, why can’t I add a column into the view for the my custom field ‘tester’? For some reason I could add another custom field called ‘plan exec date’ but not the ‘tester’ field?


I have a feeling we might be talking about 2 different things due to difference in language. Or there is just confusion because of the language difference.

This is where cases are imported via CSV:

The above is where test cases are created for a product/project.

Below is a Test Run:

and it is only here that you assign a Test Case to a user for testing. This test case is a copy of the tests from the previous screen. This allows the original test case to used as a repository.

These are 2 very different areas and they do 2 different things. It is only in the second screenshot where cases area assigned for testing to anyone.


Hi BGanger,

Thanks for your clarifications.

So in other words, I could only (manually) assign test cases via Test Run & Result view; and not the same time I’m importing test cases.

I’ll do some filtering and assign the test cases accordingly.