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Importing csv file where a single cell contains multiple test steps


I have done thorough research through community here and couldn’t find an answer to a question:
How to separate single cell of a test case into multi-steps? There are similar questions here but no proper answer.
Most of the answers are pointing to:

There is a question as well that someone asked a while back - but no particular answer:

See the issue is that legacy test cases were written in excel, and each row is a single TC. The problem is evident where one cell (test steps) contains multiple test steps (10, 15, 20… test steps) all in one cell. The suggested article is not applicable for this kind of problem.

We need to get those steps (which are in one cell) in multiple steps, not all of them jammed into one single test step.

Please refer to the screenshot attached. I hope i was clear enough what the issue here is. It would be of great help if can get some kind of solution or at least some kind of workaround cause there literary thousands of legacy TCs that need to be imported into Testrail and there is no way to do it manually.


Hi there,

Thanks for the post! Currently, when importing a CSV into TestRail there is not a way to have it recognize multiple separate steps when all steps are listed in one row. In order to have the system recognize each step individually you will need to break the steps up into multiple rows, so each test case would use multiple lines.

I understand that updating each test case manually would be very time consuming, but there are ways to manipulate the contents of Excel in ways that should allow you to split the steps into separate cells/rows using specific delimiters like line breaks or numbered entries. There are lots of tutorials and tools out there for excel on how to split the cells that you can check out with a simple search. This looked like the easiest to follow without unnecessary complications that should be available out of the box with new versions of Excel:

We also have an internal request to allow for importing multiple steps even if the steps are currently in a single cell based on user defined delimiters. I can’t give any guarantees on when or if that will be added, but for now I’ve added your vote to the request to help us prioritize new updates.

I hope that helps!

Hello Jacob,

It is appreciated.