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Imported tables from TestLink is broken

I have a table below on testlink
after converting the testlink XML to Testrail markdown XML it became like this:






It is out of format and I need to reformat it again. It’s quite annoying because I had to runthrough each testcases and we have like 7000+ just to check and edit tables.

Any method to fix this?

Hi Nino,

When using the import script for TestLink it’s import to make sure you export from the very top level folder in TestLink. The error you’re seeing is a common result of not exporting all of TestLink, which is what the script strictly expects.

Hi vtran, I exported the testcases correctly from top and followed that instructions, only tables were not properly formatted after being imported to testrail

Hi @vtran,

We have the same issue here ! Exported from the very top of level in Testlink as well.

Thanks for your advice

Be mindful that there are two version of the script intended for different versions of TestLink. Regardless if you would like us to look further into this and willing to provided the export you have, feel free to email that to for further investigation.